Lalu's Stained & Fused Glass, Mancos Colorado


Frequently Asked Questions
Hey, we’ve all got them.  Here’s a few answers.


Who makes this art work?      

     Jay Johnson personally makes each piece in his studio located at Mancos Colorado.  Just outside Mesa Verde National Park.

What are the pieces made of?        

     The pieces contain various amounts of: stained glass, dichroic glass, fused glass, glass nuggets, solder, lead, zinc, copper, acrylic and frit.

Do these pieces contain lead?          

     Yes.  The glass pieces are wrapped in a soft lead called “came”.  It is safe in all ways with the only exception being – don’t eat it!

Where does the work ship from?    

     Mancos Colorado (between Durango & Cortez at Mesa Verde National Park).

How much is shipping?  

     Upon purchasing, we charge a minimal about based on the size of piece shipped.  Our amount charged to you is usually about a third of my actual cost.  We generally ship via UPS.

Do you take returns?        

     If the item purchased was damaged during shipment we will receive returns if required.  Each circumstance will be reviewed.  Defective items will be taken and replacement art will be shipped.  Any damage must be reported to us within 24 hours of your receipt of the item.

How quick will I receive my order?

     Once we receive your order, we generally will be in the studio making it for you with a day or so.  More often than not  you will receive your purchase with 5-7 days.

Do you take custom orders?   

     Yes, we do.  From miscellaneous sun catchers to large window placements, we will work with you from design to finished product.

How do I contact you?