Lalu's Stained & Fused Glass, Mancos Colorado

About Us

 Hi everyone!  We are Jay & Laura (Lalu) Johnson.  We live on our little "farmette" in the beautiful Webber Canyon just south our the small town of Mancos Colorado.  We are fortunate to look out over the valley to see Mesa Verde National Park! 

Here at our home we raise fifteen chickens (all with names - just pets & eggs) along with a gorgeous Goose named Mary, a duck named Duck-Duck, a girly-girl turkey named Yoda and a stud tom turkey name Willie.  Rounding out the crew are cats Missy, Muffin & Finn.  The Chieftains of the house are Corgies ChaCha & BeeBee.  Bringing up the rear is Molly, a seven pound wonder dog!  

The Studio - Attached to our home is our studio workshop.  It is here that all of artwork is created.  One room is for our fusing work, and the second room for stained glass.  We maintain four kilns for fused glass creations.  Stimulation comes easy with 360 degree views.  The La Plata mountains on the east, Mesa Verde National Park in the west and wonderful valley view cattle ranches all around.

Frequent visitors are Finn the cat and Yoda the Turkey.  She loves to sit on our old Morris chair and nest.  She will sit and watch for hours.  An occasional egg at times does appear!  Human visitors stop off regularly to purchase farm fresh free range eggs.  During cattle drives we have to shut down our gates in front of the shop to keep the cows from entering.  They are nosy!

The Artist/s -   Jay received his Bachelors degree in Fine Art from California State University at Fullerton.  With an emphasis in Ceramics, Jay co-owned "A Stone's Throw Pottery" in Southern California.  He and his studio partner the late Eric McKnight created thousands of pieces of pottery selling all over the SoCal area.  Later, selling his portion of the studio to his shop apprentice, Jay moved to Lake Tahoe and switched gears to carving and occasionally painting and leather work.  Jay met his future wife Laura there and they have been married over thirty six years!  About fifteen years ago at her insistence they began working in glass.  Between the two of them, they continue to create fun and innovative glass art work plus Laura's studio area devoted to leather working.